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  • 3 Reasons to Send Your Child to Sportscamp

    3 Reasons to send your child to a sports camp

    It’s not an easy decision for parents whether or not to send their beloved children to a sports camp. Will they have fun? Does it match their interests and hobbies, or would they rather stay at home and play with neighbors’ kids at the backyard? Will they learn any useful skills? Not to mention how nerve-wrecking it can be to not be around 24/7. What if your child will get injured, horribly bullied or get an unfair coach who will destroy his self-esteem?

    You are not alone, and your concerns are perfectly understandable – after all, you are a caring, responsible parent, striving to provide all the best for your kids. In most cases, unless your child has a serious medical condition or certain mental health issues, sending your little one to a sports camp is a great idea! Not too sure just yet? Keep reading for 3 solid reasons which will convince even the most panicky parents.sportscamp1 

    They will learn how to be disciplined and responsible – in a fun way! The thing is, in most sports camps the days are ruled by a schedule, and all activities, from wake up time to training sessions and meals, are planned. So rest assured your kids won’t be wandering around, doing stupid things out of boredom. Instead, they will get to participate in experiences that keep them engaged and entertained all day long. If they happen to get a couple of hours “off”, those are likely to be used for showering or hanging out with other kids in the dorm, speaking of which…

    They will find new friends they wouldn’t have met otherwise. The camp will be full of kids just like yours – that is, amazing, bright children who can’t wait to spend summer together, training and winning as a team. Sport brings people together like nothing else, as there is nothing in the world that brings people closer together than a shared sense of victory. Teamwork, compassion, empathy and an ability to understand each other without words – these are all common among the kids who went to sports camps together.

    Fitness. Today, in the world where up to 70% of adults arsportscamp2e overweight or obese, and the next generation may be the first one to have lower average life expectancy than their parents, it’s time to stop and think how to teach our kids better habits. Childhood habits usually stay with us for life, so by encouraging physical activity you are setting your child for a healthier, brighter future. And it won’t feel like torture either, as in the right settings with no computers and TVs
    around children tend to quickly remember just how much they enjoy running around and playing sports.

    And just imagine the excitement and all the amazing stories and memories your little one will bring home after the sports camp adventure! You know what to do. Just make sure to choose a reliable provider, and everything will be just fine, we promise.

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  • How to encourage children to be physically active

    About 20 years ago, if you went out of the house after school hours or over the weekend, a common sight would be cheerful herds of kids running around – being that playing some kins of sports game or simply chasing each other. Either way, children were active and loved playing outdoors, because they didn’t have fancy gadgets and endless streams of TV shows to glue them to the sofa.

    Today, however, the situation is very different. Barely 30% children are active every day, with most kids spending less than half of their time in sports classes, active games and other forms of physical activity. Instead, children spend their time watching TV or scrolling through Instagram feeds. You get the idea.

    Unfortunately, such physical activity (or inactivity, rather) patterns pose considerable health risks. For instance, did you know that 70% of overweight teens grow into overweight or obese adults? Excessive body weight is a major risk factor for a variety of health conditions, including diabetes and heart disease.

    It does sound scary, but all these issues are very much preventable! One of the things you can do as a parent is encourage healthy levels of physical activity for your kids – and our easy tips below will help!

    Come up with some fun activities. If you see your child is leaning towards a certain type of sport, make sure to sign them up in a team. If your kid likes spending time with friends, gather them all at home and offer some fun active games. There are even ways to sneak in some physical activity into the little video gamers’ routines – almost all consoles have interactive sports games requiring the players to get up and move.

    Make sure the activities you’ve chosen are age appropriate. For instance, there is no point in signing up your 10 year old for a gym membership (not that they will be allowed to go in anyway), but a local soccer team is perfectly fine.

    Get involved. Play with your child – go for a bike ride together or practise some basketball moves on the backyard. This way your kids will be much more likely to participate.

    Be a good role model. All your efforts may easily fail if your favourite pastime is lounging on a sofa with a bag of potato chips. In order to really encourage your kids, you need to provide a positive example yourself!

    Don’t be too pushy. If your child is sick, tired or injured, make sure they take it easy and don’t feel obliged to exercise no matter what. Firstly, they can easily get injured. Another thing is, if physical activity is associated with negative experiences and emotions, they may stop doing it in the future. Balance is the key!

    Exercise, balanced diet and positive reinforcement are all great to make sure your children are the healthiest, happiest they can be. Remember – it’s never too late to start, and it applies both to your little ones and yourself.

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  • Announcing a Co-ed Resident Camp at Waterville Valley, New Hampshire.



    Waterville Valley Sports Camp is a co-ed camp for children ages 8 – 14. Combining an extraordinary facility with exceptional instruction, the Waterville Valley Sports Camp  will be a truly memorable experience, and teach sports and life skills that will last a lifetime.

    Two, four and six-week sessions will begin July 2, 2006 through August 13, 2006, and will run Sunday to Sunday.

    We are currently accepting registration for the summer of 2006.

    Sports For a Lifetime Academy

    There are certain sports – tennis, swimming, golf, biking – that you learn as a child and go on to practice and participate in for the rest of your life.

    The valuable skills and lessons learned from these sports – patience, competition, and a sense of accomplishment – also last a lifetime. This is the concept behind Waterville Valley’s “Sports for a Lifetime” Academy. We have assembled the highest quality instructors to teach your children these valuable skills and lessons that will stay with them for a lifetime.

    Our goal is to introduce campers to activities they can enjoy throughout their lives, develop their skills to the point where they can continue to pursue the activity at their own pace, and have fun while learning new activities.…